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Loxley Bus Shelter - Bus Stop Project

The Bus Stop Project was an idea that Head Teacher James Connolly at Loxley Primary School, had been thinking about for quite some time. It was such a grimy, ugly bus shelter, sitting next door to the school entrance on Rodney Hill. Mr Connolly felt it really pulled the mood of the community down, and he was determined to do something about it, possibly as a school art project.

Tasmin Torrington, one of the Teaching Assistants at Loxley Primary, has a degree in Fine Art and so used her skills to work with the children to help them design a mural for the bus stop.

Children from each year group held meetings together and came up with design suggestions and drawings, which were submitted by Mr. Connolly to Bradfield Parish Council for approval. They included beautiful scenes of the Loxley Valley, trees and fields and blue skies.

The children were very excited to get the go ahead!

During lockdown, the keyworkers' children continued to come to school while their friends stayed at home, their parents kept working in hospitals, pharmacies
transport and other essential services. These same resilient, incredible children, have painted the beautiful mural that you now see, having added a stunning rainbow to their design.

The rainbow has come to be recognised as a symbol of unity in the community, the recognition of the effort and sacrifices that the NHS, care workers, Teachers, transport workers and all other keyworkers have made over this difficult time.

As lockdown is being slowly eased and people are now starting to have some more freedom and normality, the mural will hopefully remind the community of Loxley that there is always an end to the storm, and as it blows over the valley we are left with peace beauty and hope. As the school motto scribed above the mural states, our community will get through this by Aiming High Together.

Keeping Healthy
Follow the links below for information from Sheffield Public Health Director, Greg Fell about social distancing as a family and keeping healthy during these uncertain times.

Guidance for Parents

Healthy Minds

Bus timetable updates
Stagecoach are releasing updated temporary timetables for bus, tram and rail services as from Saturday 28th March.

service changes

Covid 19 - useful links
Staying at Home Guidance
Click here

Statement from the Leader of Sheffield City Council
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Closure of Face to Face Services - SCC
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Grant Recipients
Representatives of Bradfield Village Newsletter and the No Identity Choir (Stannington Mixed Choir) attended a recent Parish Council meeting to accept a cheque from our Chairman Cllr Stephen Bennett.

Newsletter distribution
Bradfield Parish Council Newsletter

The Parish Council's newsletter is now incorporated within the Northbound publication, approximately on a quarterly basis. The Parish Council pay for this publication to be distributed to all parts of the Parish. The latest edition of the newsletter will be distributed from the first week in February and should be landing on doormats across the Parish. If for any reason your household does not received a copy of Northbound but is within the Parish Council boundary can you please let us know. We would need your full address - you can contact us by email.


Parish Councillor elected as MP
December 2019 as well as bringing incessant rain week after week also saw the first December General Election since 1923 and one of our Parish Councillors being elected as MP

Bradfield Parish Council boundaries are split between parts of two parliamentary constituencies, Penistone and Stocksbridge being one, this covers the Parish wards of Oughtibridge, Wharncliffe Side and Midhopestones.

Cllr Miriam Cates who has represented the Parish Ward of Oughtibridge since 2015, was duly elected as Penistone & Stocksbridge MP.

Cllr Miriam Cates has been a major contributor on Parish Council business since she was first elected in 2015, always proactive and always bringing pertinent considered views across all Parish business.

On Friday 17th. January Miriam Cates MP visited Bradfield Parish Council offices and met with Chair of the Parish Council Cllr Stephen Bennett, and Chair and Mayor of Stocksbridge Town Council Cllr. Catherine Ward, together with the Clerk of Bradfield and Stocksbridge Teresa Bisatt and the Assistant Clerk at Bradfield Pam Burgoyne.

Cllr Bennett stated he was delighted to welcome Miriam back to the Parish Council Offices and very pleased that Miriam had decided to continue as Parish Councillor, Miriam maintains that her new responsibility as constituency MP must also continue with active involvement at local level.
We all look forward to continuing to work with Miriam and send her our best wishes for her extended career as MP

Birkswood Bank

During the preparation of a management plan and schedule for Birkswood Bank which involved verifying the boundary line, it came to light that the land is not registered in the Parish Council’s name. The land was gifted some years ago to the Parish Council and it appears that confusion has arisen during the housing development stage and the land is now owned by the Crown. In order for the Parish Council to acquire ownership of the land it would first need to acquire the land from the Crown. Councillors have discussed fully the information presented by the Solicitors and due to the potential high costs involved in both legal fees and acquisition of the land they have resolved not to pursue ownership/title. The Parish Council therefore have no liability for the land at Birkswood Bank.

We have written to Sheffield City Council as Local Authority informing them of the matter.

Storrs Woodland
Is it a wall, is it art, is it a reminder of the past or a warning for the future?

The answer according to Stoneface is yes to all. A Heritage Lottery funded stone art piece in Storrs Woodland commemorates the Sheffield Floods and raises the profile of new methods to manage future flood risk in natural ways.
Andrew Vickers, who designed and built the wall, explained;
“Tom (Vickers) and myself at Stoneface Creative are working with the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership. We created this stone wall feature in the Loxley Valley, as a reminder of the floods of 1864 and 2007 beside a popular footpath route by one of the rivers that played a part of both of those disasters.
This was an opportunity to create something that commemorated a disaster over 200 years ago, and another that many of us still remember from 2007 but also to help raise awareness of the work people are carrying out in the area to help protect the city of Sheffield from future floods.”
Keith Tomkins, Sheffield Lakeland Partnership Manager said,
“Art and Cultural Heritage has an important role to play in the decision making process when it comes to working at in partnership at a Landscape Scale. A lot of the work organisations like the Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust, Sheffield City Council and the Environment Agency undertake to protect us from flooding and protect the environment goes more or less unseen. The National Lottery Heritage funded Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Partnership is working with these partners and landowners to deliver environmentally friendly Natural Flood Management Solutions at this very moment.”
Stoneface Creative hold open weekends through-out the year. The next open weekend is 10th-11th August. As part of the commemorations, Sheffield Lakeland Partnership are launching a photo census of the area. We are asking local people to send us images of their memories of the Sheffield Floods with a 200 word description of what the image means to them. Please send them to SLLP Communications Officer, Sarah Poulter: s.poulter@wildsheffield.com

Three Parishes - events
Please see below for details of events being held as part of a 3 parish collaboration with Sheffield Wildlife Trust and Heritage Lottery Funding

Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trusts - Traditional Scything & Hay Making Courses
Course to be held at Carr House Meadows 15th to 19th July

Click here to view details

Co-option - Could you be a Parish Councillor?


There is a vacancy in the Worrall Ward and it is intended to fill this vacancy via co-option. If you would like to put your name forward please send, either via email or post, a short resume. If you need any further information please contact the office for more details. Applications to be received by Monday 10th June at 3pm.

Teresa Bisatt
Clerk/Responsible Finance Officer
Bradfield Parish Council
Mill Lee Road
Low Bradfield
S6 6LB

Telephone: 0114 2851375

Email: admin@bradfield-yorks-pc.gov.uk

Grants Scheme
The Parish Council runs a grant scheme for local constituted groups. For the financial year 2018/2019 there have not been as many applications received as in previous years. Whilst any surplus funds are carried over into the following financial year Community Groups are encouraged to apply for funding for any projects they might be finding difficult to fund. Full details of what you can apply for can be found in the Grants Policy together with an application form on the Grants page or contact the office.

Useful contact numbers for Sheffield City Council and others
Please use the following link Sheffield City Council

Grit bins and Streets Ahead
Grit bins in most of our area are managed by Sheffield City Council's Streets Ahead and if you have any issues around the siting of existing / new bins and the filling of empty grit bins please use the following link Grit Bins

Rural Open Sure Signal
Bradfield is the first Yorkshire community to receive mobile coverage with Vodafone's Rural Sure Signal programme. Technology has been placed in three locations in Bradfield to ensure that 3G coverage can be obtained if users are on the Vodafone network. These sites being The Old Horns, High Bradfield; The Plough, Low Bradfield and Flaskend, Low Bradfield. The coverage spreads throughout a wide area of both Low and High Bradfield.
Further information can be viewed on the following link:-
Vodafone ROSS Programme

Following recent consultation Bradfield Parish Council have considered a Management Plan for Birkswood Bank. Costings and further information is being gathered prior to any action or work being carried out. This note is to inform residents that further works are planned and that we will keep you updated as soon as an action list and schedule has been formulated.

East Peak Innovation Partnership
The East Peak Innovation Partnership was established in 2008 and links together areas covering Penistone and District, North Sheffield, South Kirklees and South West Wakefield. The Partnership was established to deliver a LEADER bottom up, community led approach to rural development.

“Liaison entre actions de dévelopement de l’économie rurale”
LEADER stands for “Links between Actions of Rural Development”.

The LEADER approach recognises that rural communities are themselves best placed to identify their needs and, by working together, they can find innovative solutions to local issues and can achieve real and lasting changes.

For further information about the LEADER approach please see EPIP's web page.


Birkswood Bank Management Plan
It’s a while since you were updated on the Birkswood Bank Management Plan. We were
awaiting costings and were then to draw up an action plan for works to be carried out. Costings for proposed footpath works were received and this work was undertaken.
During the preparation of an action plan and schedule, whilst verifying the boundary line, it came to light that the land is not registered in the Parish Council’s name. The land was gifted some years ago to the Parish Council. It appears that the confusion has arisen during the housing development stage. The Parish Council’s Solicitors are dealing with the matter
which until resolved have advised that we should not continue to carry out any works with regard to the management plan.

As soon as the land title has been resolved we will provide a further update. This information is also on our Facebook page.

Cycle and Walking Routes
Stocksbridge Town Council and Bradfield Parish Council have jointly commissioned the charity Sustrans to develop cycle and walking route options over and through their eastern boundary, the Upper Don Valley, into the Sheffield Lakeland Landscape Project (SLLP) area, including links to the existing Trans Pennine Trail. The SLLP includes both Stocksbridge and Bradfield Parishes within and adjacent to the Peak District National Park. Both Councils are keen to identify and enhance access to this important and beautiful landscape which is rich in heritage and in recreational challenges at all levels for families and individuals alike. Sustrans is the national charity which makes it easier for people to walk and cycle. It created the National Cycle Network, which is 16,575 miles of cycle and walking routes, many of which are traffic-free.
The need for better routes and improved provision for walkers and cyclists has never been so urgent as it is now. With increased traffic flow expected on existing infrastructure with new developments, this work will be a step forward in realising the ambitions of the area in elevating walking and cycling provision as a priority and supporting a sustainable way of tackling issues such as congestion, air quality and health inequality. This work represents the ambition of both Bradfield Parish Council and Stocksbridge Town Council in promoting the Sheffield Lakeland as an emerging key tourist destination area, helping to increase local economic growth through attracting new and more cyclists and walkers to the area.
Both Councils welcome the opportunity to work together, as they appreciate the opportunities joining up the local cycleways and footpaths will bring to the Upper Don Valley. Commenting Cllr Julie Grocutt the Mayor of Stocksbridge said. “This is an exciting project that will not only provide better access to our great outdoors. It will also make healthy lifestyles more achievable for local people & will have a positive impact on the environment feeding into the clean air strategy.”
Significant housing developments particularly at Deepcar and Oughtibridge/Wharncliffe Side bring developer and local authority commitments to cycleway and footpath provision. The two Councils wish to see these fully implemented to best advantage for our new and present residents as well as for the enhancement the visitor economy in the area.
Cllr Trevor Bagshaw, Chairman of Bradfield Parish Council said, “The woodlands, crags and heathland to the east of the river have tracks and paths that connect to the Trans-Pennine Trail and beyond. My fellow councillors with our colleagues on Stocksbridge Town Council want to see route options and improvements that will enable walkers and cyclists to overcome the barrier of the railway line and the river. We hope this initial work will enable new long or short distance trails that will take the traveller deep in to the Sheffield Lakeland and beyond in to the furthest reaches of the National Park.”

Sheffield City Council Public Consultation Event
Sheffield City Council, public consultation - Bridge Hill,Oughtibridge.

A Public Exhibition will be held at the Zion United Reform Church on Langsett Road South from 2pm to 7pm on THURSDAY 14th MARCH 2019 where Sheffield City Council Officers will be available to answer any questions you have.

The web address for the consultation will be http://www.sheffield.gov.uk/home/roads-pavements/road-improvement-requests and this should be live on 7 March.

Are you interested in becoming a local Councillor?
Parish and Town Council elections are to take place on Thursday 2nd May 2019 - there are 3 Town/Parish Councils in Sheffield - Bradfield Parish Council, Stocksbridge Town Council and Ecclesfield Parish Council

Information on how to become a local Councillor and what the role involves can be found on the following link


Further information about the Stocksbridge Town Council and Ecclesfield Parish Council parishes can be found on their individual websites

Stocksbridge Town Council

Ecclesfield Parish Council

Sheffield City Council is responsible for election services and nomination papers can be obtained through them

Sheffield City Council

Elections 2019 timetable
26th March - Publication of Notice of Election
3rd April - Delivery of nomination papers
4th April - Publication of statement of persons nominated
2nd May - Polling day

Coronation Park - Dogs
Following a incident in Coronation Park in November the Council felt it was right to inform Parishioners of the Council’s current position. Recent social media forums indicate rumors of a dog fight which is not the case. However, the issue of dogs in the Park continue to be an ongoing matter which is being reported to us.

Bradfield Parish Council reminds parishioners that Byelaw No 11 states the following:

“A person shall not cause or suffer any dog belonging to him or in his charge to enter or remain in the Park, unless such dog be and continue to be under proper control, and be effectually restrained from causing annoyance to any person, and from worrying or disturbing any animal or waterfowl, and from entering any ornamental water”.

Some people interpret that to mean all dogs must be on a lead at all times, but what constitutes effective restrain depends to some extent on the dog and the owner. An unruly dog on a longish lead can cause problems, whereas a well-trained dog that responds immediately to its owner’s command could be said to be effectively restrained without the use of a lead. The UK Government define that a dog is dangerously out of control if it:

• Injures someone
• Makes someone worried that it might injure them

A Court could also decide that your dog is dangerously out of control if either of the following apply:

• It attacks someone’s animal
• The owner of an animal thinks they could be injured if they tried to stop your dog attacking their animal

The Council has a responsibility for the health and safety of the public that use its facilities and wishes to ensure that everyone can enjoy the use of these facilities without the concern or distress that can be caused by dog fouling and dogs that are not kept on leads. The Council recognises that the majority of dog owners are responsible and keep their dogs under control and pick up and dispose of dog waste appropriately. Councillors have discussed this matter and while under proper control can be debated we believe that this can only be guaranteed if a dog is on a lead.

For many years there has been a sign on the entrance to say dogs should be on leads and a new sign with wording “Show respect to other park users. Keep your dog under control and on a lead” will soon be in situ. The problem with any byelaw of course is enforcement. Bradfield Parish Council reminds you that:

• Dog on dog attacks are a civil matter, where owners should exchange details and the offending dogs owner should cover any vets costs: however, they do not have to by law.
• If the injury or attack is serious, people can call the police to investigate/liaise between the parties.
• Dogs that bite a person/child causing injury is a police matter and the police should be called every time.
• Dogs being a nuisance and not in proper control should be reported to any Council employees in the Park at the time or by contacting the Office at a later date with all relevant details. This is to ensure we can log all incidents.
• Any Councillor or Council employee can request that you either restrain your dog with a lead or you could be asked to leave the park if you do not comply. All incidents will be logged and monitored.
• Please be respectful to each other. If you see a dog “off lead” you do not have any jurisdiction to make others comply but you are free to ask politely. If someone asks you to put your dog “on lead” who is not a Councillor or Council employee then we note, you do not have to comply. All we ask is that you respect other people’s view and opinions. Any verbal abuse, harassment, intimidation and threatening behavior should be reported to the police and Council Office. This is to ensure we can log all incidents.
• Not all users of Coronation Park are “dog people” and an excited dog bounding up to say hello or running to fetch a ball can be terrifying to adults, children and other dogs.
• Other park users may have a phobia of dogs and it may not just be excited dogs that scare them, the fact a dog is off lead is often enough to flare that phobia and create fear or reluctance to use the park.
• Dogs must not enter the designated play area or tennis court area under any circumstances and signs will be in place to this effect.

As a final note, you can of course, request a copy of the full Byelaws that still apply from the office….even though they were written originally written in 1926 and amended in 1976. As Councillors we feel some of these Byelaws are outdated and we would not wish to impose these on park users. We could of course, update the Byelaws but this would be a complicated and costly process that is not deemed necessary at this time.

If you would like a paper copy of this notice please ask one of the Groundsmen or contact the office on 0114 2851375. This information is also on the Parish Council’s website.

There are a large number of footpaths around the parish giving access to wonderful scenery and glimpses of the local history of the area.

Please use the following link to the Bradfield Walkers are Welcome web site, to find out about walks around Bradfield in the Peak District National Park.

Sensicall Park in Oughtibridge has some enjoyable, short but strenuous walks. A leaflet giving details of the site may be viewed by clicking on the link to the Stone to Steel web site as shown below.

There are also some informative walks to be found on the Stone to Steel web site.

Newsletters / Information
Bradfield Parish Council newsletters are issued quarterly and may be viewed by clicking here.

Damflask works
The Parish Council would like to make residents and visitors aware of some imminent work Yorkshire Water have planned to replace the footbridges on the northern side of Damflask Reservoir. The contractor is due to start on site this week and is hoping to start the actual bridge replacement works week commencing 21st January. Yorkshire Water note they will have to fully close the permissive footpath on the north side of the reservoir during the course of these works but the contractor, if possible, is hoping to get the replacement works completed within the working week (i.e. Monday to Friday) and get the path open again for the weekend, replacing one bridge at a time. This is dependent on how works progress and weather conditions. Yorkshire Water have installed signs on site to give advanced warning to visitors.

Police Information
To find out how to contact the police and much more, please use the following link South Yorkshire Police

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